Tips about LinkedIn, Editing, Writing, Branding, High-Tech, Windows

Tips about LinkedIn, Editing, Writing, Branding, High-Tech, Windows

Specializing in technical writing and the user experience (UX)—with a marcom bent—Isn't That Write edits and creates content and documents for the business world.

Boost Your Engagement Opportunities

LinkedIn?s feed is mostly arbitrary and greatly reduces your chances By following or connecting with someone (say, a prospect), does that mean any time they post, comment, or write an article that their content will show up in your feed? Sorry, no. W...

Your Featured & Experience Section Graphics ? Take Full Display Control

~ Add Visual Appeal to Entice Viewers to Actually Click on Your Stuff ~ Your LinkedIn Experience section?and now your Featured section?is a wonderful place to showcase your best work. But how can you keep viewer interest with poor or non-existent vis...

In Business, Experience and Innovation Beats Youth

I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience.

Use Social Images for Featured Items

LinkedIn?s Featured section is a great way to display portfolio items, videos, articles, or anything else you want to prominently feature on your profile. Unlike rich media thumbnails, Featured items are shown in a larger size on both desktop and mob...

How To Be a Business MVP

Camille had a business problem. Being an independent consultant, Morton Salt Company had tapped her to provide some instruction for its Chicago staff.

Writing for Business: Best Practices

Read This Book (or Don?t, and Keep the Cleanup Work Coming To Me) Many of those whose content I regularly edit or proofread already know that I think William Zinsser?s On Writing Well is likely the best book on business writing in existence. If it ...

LinkedIn as a (Sales) Referral Funnel

The easiest sales come by way of existing customers. And a recent @Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) poll revealed that the majority of members? business comes by way of referrals.

Promote Your "Featured" Section as a Shareable Link

Hooray! LinkedIn finally awarded you with your very own Featured section. As you might now know, you can feature any number of items in this carousel section of your profile.

Easily Automate Any Application

Simple, Free Tools Yield 2× Productivity Increase First There is a Mountain ? A while ago a client tasked me with consolidating and formatting eleven PowerPoint decks into a single, 700 slide master deck. I was to provide an attractive, uniform loo...

Find Your Files: Windows' Doppelganger Problem

In a misguided attempt to make Windows for user-friendly twenty years ago, Microsoft disabled the ability to view file name extensions by default. After all, Macintosh users don’t have to deal with extensions, right? And isn’t storing a given file in, say, DocumentsGizmos IncUser ManualsQuick S

Use InMail to Beat ATS Gatekeepers

Several years ago I was squeezed out the door at my last full-time position (where I had been employed just shy of five years). There weren?t any full-time opportunities on the immediate horizon that met my criteria (or me theirs), so with my nest eg...

Easily Add AV Media to Your Profile

Do It the Drag 'n' Drop Way I wanted something oh-so-groovy for a new portion of my toppermost Experience section on my LinkedIn profile. After some debate and pro-cras-tin-a-tion (sung to the tune of a '79 Heinz ketchup commercial), I decided to upl...

So You Wanna Be a Freelancer...

Several cybersecurity, medical/healthcare, and high-tech manufacturing firms have me fine-tune their marketing and other business communications. I specialize as a copyeditor, substantive editor, technical writer, and occasional graphics layout artis...

Smiling Faces – OR – That’s the Way I Like It

One Thing Leads to Another [Author note: Only on one of my posts are you going to find an obscure reference to the Rocky & Bullwinkle show coupled with song titles by The Temptations, Kool & the Gang, and The Fixx.] OK… so that LinkedIn post of yours—or someone else’s—got a number of Likes.

Browser “Security Error?” Don’t Succumb!

Ransom traps are showing up more frequently on the web; these freeze the browser and demand that you phone some number so as to regain control of your computer. For example, the other day I came across a RSS link to a Wall Street Journal article I wanted to read.

The Easily-Correctable Error Gone Awry

One might recall the 1999 loss of NASA’s $125MM Mars Climate Orbiter. A post-mortem revealed that a key contractor had used English units of measurements for thruster navigation commands.

Botnet Zombie? Don't Let Your PC Become One

[Note: This article originally targeted Windows 8.x, but really applies to all Windows 7–10 users.

Software Demo Videos — So You Want to be a Producer (Pt. 2)

What About “On Air” Talent? Part one of this article detailed affordable hardware and software you can use to produce professional demos, YouTube videos, webinars and the like. Before you begin to see your name in lights, however, acquiring all or any portion of that merchandise isn’t going to make

Prospecting On the 'Net

On a freelancing forum of which I am a member, I've recently had fingers pointed at me for not helping others reel in the big catch. Wrong.

Software Demo Videos — So You Want to be a Producer (Pt. 1)

As a Windows expert tapping my earlier training as a radio broadcaster, I began recording video “how to” guides in the past millennium (sounds like a long time ago, right?). Being many years before the advent of YouTube and webinars, in those days such recordings were distributed to every Learning T

Thanks – Another Way to (Re)Network

As a freelancer, I like to add a new [Experience] section entry to my LinkedIn profile for every new client I obtain. Among other benefits, this gives me another block of space (read: more characters) to highlight my work, add more SEO keywords, and include rich media.

The LinkedIn UI Secret to Adding Media

As a long-term LinkedIn user, I knew about the advantages to adding media to my profile. A few days ago I was reminded of the long-postponed additions I had wanted to make to mine after reading another excellent post by LinkedIn guru Wayne Breitbarth entitled, Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need a Boost

Recommendations No One Sees

In Getting the Targeted Recommendation, last week I posted about asking for finely-tuned recommendations that call out specifics regarding your skill set. For me, there are those positions for which I'd like to be recommended for my graphic arts ability.

Getting the Targeted Recommendation

Branding is nothing without testimonials. Think of Betty White singing the praises of Philips Lifeline.

Your Sent Invitation – Where Is It?

You've targeted a company for which you might like to do some contracting work. Or you just want to get the attention of someone within the target organization.

Create Personal Video Recommendations: Add Rich Media on Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding rich media to your LinkedIn profile helps boost your personal brand in many ways. First, it makes your profile much more interesting to read and may cause viewers to linger longer—yielding a stronger impression.

Bring In the Clones – Use Multiple LinkedIn Tabs

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how you can retrieve copy you wrote in an invitation you've already sent and repurpose it. That article is here.

Lost Links ► Find Your Way Back in Chrome

I goofed up. I do a lot of online research on any given day and typically have many tabs open in Google Chrome.

Instantly Open a Desired Windows Folder

I have many freelance clients and so keep projects related to each in respective Windows folders. Pressing [Windows] [E] is a useful way to immediately open File Explorer at any time, but it always defaults to the My Computer folder.

Track Resharing of Your LinkedIn Article

The LinkedIn UI has changed since I wrote this article. Today there are two ways to assess the number of article reshares.